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Learn about the different types of Cloud Storage:

Free Cloud Storage Accounts

Believe it or not free cloud storage does exist. You typically get what you pay for but hey free is free. Companies offer these plans so you become familiar with them, install their software and hopefully upgrade to a paid account. Free plans typically have 1GB to 5GB of Free Storage.

Free Cloud Storage Plans

Single Computer Cloud Storage Plans

These are a great type of plan.  You only have one computer to protect, no need to pay for all of the extra unneeded features. Single Computer or Personal plans can range from 10GB per month to Unlimited Data Backup.  You should expect to pay anywhere from $5/month to $30/month.  Good Plans can be found for under $10/month.  Here are a few guides to help you find the right personal plan.

Single Computer Cloud Storage Plans

Multiple Computer Cloud Storage Plans

We are not sure if a one computer family even exists anymore. Which is why many cloud storage companies created plans to protect multiple computers. Typically you get all the features of the single computer plans along with more storage, file sharing, and additional user accounts for increased security. The prices are a little higher than the single plans but you are getting more for your money.

Multiple Computer Cloud Storage Plans

Business Cloud Storage Plans

Cloud Storage is clearly the way of the future. Internet connections get faster and storing data to tape is a hassle. (I know I used to manage the backup server for a large corporation.) Business Cloud Storage plans will typically charge on the number of computers and amount of storage used. Many of the better companies have the ability to back up SQL & Exchange Servers. Here are a few guides to help with your selection:

Business Cloud Storage Plans

Unlimited Cloud Storage Plans

Have lots and lots of data? You may need an unlimited cloud storage plan. These are great for photographers and other people who have lots of files. There are some pretty good deals to be found in the cloud storage plans. Ever wonder how companies make money on unlimited plans? We have a guide for that also.

Unlimited Cloud Storage Plans

Not Sure Where to Start?

Let these questions get you started:


  1. How many computers do you need to backup?
    If you have one computer then the personal backup or unlimited backup plans.
    More than one computer? Start with the Multiple Computer or Family Backup Plans top picks.
  2. How much data do you need to backup up?
    A good place to start is the by figuring out how much data you need to protect. 
    Once you know how much data add 25% to 50% for room to grow.
    If you do not want to figure how much data you have, go with on of the unlimited backup plans.
  3. Do you need to share or sync files with others?
    This is one of the more advanced features that not all of the cloud storage companies have
    File syncing is very useful if you have multiple users or devices.
  4. How much help from tech support?
    If you are pretty comfortable with computers and all that cloud storage entails then tech support is not as important to you.
    If you like a little more help then you may need to spend a little more for tech support that answers the phone and knows what they are talking about.
  5. How much are you looking to pay?
    Like most things you get what you pay for and some (but not all) of the companies this is true.
    Good cloud storage plans will start around $10/month and go up from there
    It is best to stick with a well known or one of our top rated companies.

What to look for when selecting a Cloud Storage Service

Knowing what to look for with online backup starts with knowing what you need. Some people only need a few files backed up and others need a lot backed up, for example. Here is a short lists of our top attributes to consider when selecting a cloud storage company. A good resource for information is Go Online Backup, this site is run by Desmond and has great information.

Cloud Storage Features
Does it allow sharing with multiple friends and family? Or what about scheduling? Does it automatically backup whenever you want? Ask when going through each of the companies look to see which features stand out to you and take note of them. After comparing features, it will be much easier to narrow down your choices.

Cloud Storage Space
Space is crucial for online cloud backup. How much do you need? Are you backing up all of your files ones and a while? Or, are you going to want constant access to them from anywhere and anytime? You may only need a couple of GB’s of space if you only plan on storing files temporary while you sync them between devices. You may also want to keep a lot of files backed up to a cloud for protection. This usually requires more space.

Tech Support
We think all online cloud storage should be easy and not require any tech support. However, should a situation arise, you do not want poor tech support. Good, friendly, knowledgeable staff that can make a meaningful contribution to any problems you have make your overall experience much better.

How Easy Backup and Restores
Simplicity takes the headache away from online backup. The ability to set it and forget it allows you to go about your day without worrying about whether or not your data is really safe. Easy backup and restores only take minutes to execute (backing up can take a while depending on speed).

File Sharing and Syncing
Easy file sharing and syncing should be simple and easy. Usually sharing requires other users to have an account, but in some instances you can use a URL to the file you are sharing. Syncing should be as fast as lighting. As soon as you drop in a file to be synced, it should be uploaded and appear on the other devices with minimal delay.

Mobile - Tablet - Remote and Web Access
Accessing files remotely is important if you ever do loss or damage your computer. The purpose of online cloud backup is to be able to access your files from anywhere and anytime. Companies with multiple device interfaces will make these tasks much simpler and more efficient.


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