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You have made it to the basics section. Here you will learn the basics of Cloud Storage. It’s our goal to help you learn as much as we can teach you about storing your files online. This is the place to start

We have a number of ways to help you learn about cloud storage and online backup. You may be wondering how to choose a good cloud storage company. It’s always good to go over our terms and definition so you understand the lingo a little better.

There are steps to getting your files backed up. Figuring out how many computers are going to be backed up good first step. After that, adding up all of the storage space you will need for the cloud to have is important. Our guides will help to point you in the right direction.

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Part of our process and information comes from cloud storage users. That means you! After you have picked an online cloud storage company, leave a review of them to let others know what your thoughts were about it.


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