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Cloud Storage Basics

What is Cloud Storage & How does it work? What do I need to know? This section will help those who are not sure about using cloud storage. We have a guides that will help you understand what cloud storage is, the terms and definitions, and how to choose a good cloud storage company. Our guides are written to help you know if you are ready to buy cloud storage and teach you the basics.


Best Practices

How do I make the best of cloud storage? How should I get my computer ready for backup? Using online backup doesn’t mean you should keep things disorganized. We go into ways to keep files organized and clean for cloud storage. If you’re sharing over the cloud, you will want to read about efficient ways to share lots of files.


Business Advice

Looking for small business storage? Have a large corporation you need to backup to a cloud? Online backup is crucial with companies of any size. It ensures that the data is safe from harm by storing it in a different location than the company. For small businesses we think it’s good to have a multiple computer strategy and for larger business we think it’s good to have a strong business strategy.


Want to hear the CEO of a company explain their product? We interview any company we can about their product. We like to hear how they explain each of the features they offer while providing a company overview in the process.

Top 5 Tips for finding a Cloud Storage Company

Finding cloud storage can be hard and time consuming. We know because we have done it. At Cloud Storage Reviews we thought it would be helpful to put all we have learned on this website. This is how we have come up with our top 5 tips for finding cloud storage

  1. Company Reputation

    This is likely to be how you recognize most of the companies on our site. It can be extremely important that a company is popular. But, you also need to know how they treat their customers, if they are reliable, and if they offer reasonable plans.

  2. Required Features

    Cloud storage is more popular than anyone would have thought. This is partly because many cloud storage companies have lots of features like sharing. When using cloud storage as a primary online backup solution, it’s important to see if they have good options for backing up data

  3. Software

    Using the software should be a breeze. We have used lots of different software. Some of it is just straight garbage. Good software is - quick installation, easy to start backing up data, easy to find options and reliably restore data. You also want to be able to manage the files from the website and mobile devices

  4. File Restore Time

    A company that ships data to you a week after you request it does not have a fast file restore time. Data loss is usually accompanied by needing the data back IMMEDIATELY. No if-ands-or-buts, you need your data NOW! Good companies realize this is what they promise you when you use them for data storage

  5. Price

    After you get through the first 4 steps in this list, then look at price. Yeah you want a good deal, but not at the expense of losing important data. There are a number of ways to lower the price including coupons and referral fees

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Cloud Storage Basics


You have made it to the basics section. Here you will learn the basics of Cloud Storage. It’s our goal to help you learn as much as we can teach you about storing your files online. This is the place to start

We have a number of ways to help you learn about cloud storage and online backup. You may be wondering how to choose a good cloud storage company. It’s always good to go over our terms and definition so you understand the lingo a little better.

There are steps to getting your files backed up. Figuring out how many computers are going to be backed up good first step. After that, adding up all of the storage space you will need for the cloud to have is important. Our guides will help to point you in the right direction.

Leave a Review

Part of our process and information comes from cloud storage users. That means you! After you have picked an online cloud storage company, leave a review of them to let others know what your thoughts were about it.

Best Practices

exad-bestpractKeeping up with your online backup and cloud storage files and software is important. You are backing up files and documents you find important, and there are some ways to improve storage methods and increase file lifespan. There are good ways you can keep your data safe with cloud storage if you have the right tools. This section is dedicated to helping you maintain your data for online storage.

  1. Prepare a data backup plan. This plan incompasses all of the aspects of online backup. Choose files and create folders to keep them in as well as scheduling a time for them to be backed up. This keeps you and the software on top of your backups keeping them safe.
  2. Organize files for cloud storage. Sort through all of the unwanted files that can be thrown away and figure out what can be kept. Finding downloaded internet files can clutter hard drives and will take up needed online storage. Duplicate files are the same way. Having one or more of the same file creates unneeded clutter.
  3. Install / Configure / Run your first backup. Choosing a good service and maintaining a prompt file organization plan is crucial.
  4. Restore Testing. Cloud storage is great because it regularizes the restore practice. This happens with new features like sharing and syncing with multiple devices. Restoring now simply means being able to access your file from anywhere any time. Using this and making sure it is robust and reliable will save you trouble later on.
  5. Schedule Routine Checks. Every so often login to your account and look for missing information, corrupt files or error messages. You can also find them in the software. Good companies will send out warnings if they plan to shut down servers or update software.

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Cloud Storage Interviews


Cloud Storage Reviews wants to help you get the information you need. We like digging through sources to find the best information. Sometimes, we are able to get interviews with company founders and CEO’s that help provide a much better perspective to how a cloud storage company may be run.

It’s good to listen to what they have to say, because they represent the company. We find interviews helpful. Especially when we cannot find answers to questions we have about the companies on our own time. The interviews are a place where you can expect to get information straight from the source. If there is a particular company you want us to interview or a question you want asked, contact us and let us know.



This section takes different online storage companies and sets them up next to each to each other to compare features. Learn which companies are the best by seeing them next to their competitors.

There are no articles in this category. If subcategories display on this page, they may contain articles.


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